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With a modern aesthetic, full bar, attentive staff, and customizable seating arrangements, we provide all the amenities you need for a successful private party.

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At the corner of 5TH and Main, the colorful HopCat Royal Oak is the perfect venue for your small event.

From luncheons to baby showers, HopCat’s private room can host parties for up to 30 guests. Our experienced team will craft a customized event menu, ensuring a delightful, memorable experience for your guests.  

When it comes to pricing, we have a flexible approach.

There is no room rental fee; instead, we work on a minimum spend basis for food and beverage. The minimum spend varies based on factors such as the number of guests, time of day, and day of the week. Contact our team for specific details tailored to your requirements.  

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Private Event FAQ

What event room options does this site have?

Small semi-private event space

What Types of events is it recommended for?

Perfect for private and semi private events such as:
• Bridal, baby, and birthday showers
• Private dinners
• Happy Hour and Luncheons

How much does it cost?

There is no roof rental fee, just a minimum spend on food and beverage. A room fee is only applied if there is no intent on using the space for food and beverage.

What are the Event menu offerings?

We require an event menu on all parties

How MAny guests Are allowed per room?

Accommodates up to 30 guests

Does it have a minimum spend?

Minimum spends vary based on number of guests, day part, day of the week.

What is included in the rental?

• Full Bar
• Full Staff
• Customizable seating arrangement

Does it have seasonal/day-of-the-week up charges?

Minimum spends vary based on number of guests, day part, day of the week.
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