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Don't miss these unicorn beers at HopCat MN's Wood & Wild
Jordan Goetz, HopCat Minneapolis Beer Program Manager | October 19, 2017

We're counting down the days, hours and minutes until the Wood & Wild Festival, taking place Oct. 22 at every HopCat location. In anticipation, we're checking in with our beer experts for suggestions about beers to try at each of our restaurants. Here, HopCat Minneapolis' beer program manager, Jordan Goetz, recommends a few "unicorns" (beers so legendary they defy comprehension) that will be featured at the MPLS Wood & Wild event:

Lakes & Legends Brewing Company Barrel-Aged Blueberry Silky - Minneapolis, MN - 8% ABV:
A barrel-aged American stout made from local Blueberries. This is the first time Lakes & Legends has brewed a fruit-infused bourbon barrel-aged stout. A new beginning for some great Minnesota beers.

Surly Brewing Company Frisson - Minneapolis, MN - 7% ABV:
An experimental lager with black currants and champagne; A HopCat exclusive, this will be the first time this beer has ever made its way out of the Surly tap room. Surly’s been known to release out of the ordinary beers in the past, but this one is something else!

B. Nektar Dragons are Real - Ferndale, MI - 14% ABV:
Their original zombie killer has taken an extreme twist by partnering with New Holland Brewing to create a one time batch of Dragon’s Milk Barrel-Aged mead infused with chipotle peppers and cacao nibs. We’re the only ones in all Minnesota to get this beer so come find out if dragons are real!

Lagunitas Brewing Co High-West-Ified - Petaluma, CA - 12% ABV:
When it comes to the craft beer scene, a beer’s perceived value is derived in part from its quality and its exclusiveness. When we talk about Lagunitas’ High West-ified, we’re dealing with a whole lot of both. Not only is it an incredibly smooth and full-favored imperial coffee stout, but it’s no longer being produced. Drink it while you can, because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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Unicorn beers that will change your life at HopCat LN's Wood & Wild
Lucas Maier, HopCat Lincoln Beer Program Manager | October 19, 2017
Wood & Wild, Barrel-Aged

Our tap list for Wood and Wild Festival - HCLN (Sunday, 10/22) can be daunting (in a good way). We asked our Beer Manager, Lucas, for his list of can't-miss beers that will be tapped throughout the day. Here are his suggestions:

Lagunitas - Fusion 46 is a Rum Barrel Aged Brown Shugga’ (American Strong Ale). This is the ONLY keg of this beer to be distributed into Nebraska. Once it gone it is gone and we may never see this beer again.

North Coast - XIX Old Rasputin. This is LAST YEARS batch of their most beloved beer (a Russian Imperial Stout). It has been in our cooler waiting to be tapped since November 2016. We are super excited to see how this taste.

Brickway - Epic Blackout Stout. It’s one of the biggest beers to come out of Nebraska, and they took it even further by barrel aging it. Come taste a big n’ bold local beer.

White Elm is no stranger to Barrel Aging Beer. Some say, they are one of the best new brewers in town. We would have to agree. We got a hold of a Rum Barrel Aged Coffee Stout from Kolby himself. If you like Rum in your coffee, you will love this beer.

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HopCat GR's 'unicorn' beers for Wood & Wild
Rick Martinez, HopCat Grand Rapids Beer Program Manager | October 19, 2017
Wood & Wild, Barrel-Aged

We're counting down the days, hours and minutes until the Wood & Wild Festival, taking place Oct. 22 at every HopCat. In anticipation, we're checking in with our expert beer managers for suggestions about amazing things to try at each of our locations. Today we hear from HopCat Grand Rapids beverage guru Rick Martinez, who suggests a few "unicorns" - beers so epic and legendary they defy comprehension - that will be available at the GR event:

•2016 Rodenbach Alexander:
Brewed only once since 1999, this Sour Flanders Red is one of the world’s most highly coveted beers.

•2015 Perrin Brewing Company No Rules:
Perrin’s No Rules Vietnamese Porter ranks in the top 0.0016% out of 60,000 beers in the world. This 15% Imperial Porter was made with coconut and turbinado sugar then laid down and aged in bourbon barrels for several months.

• Speciation Artisan Ales Black Currant Incipient:
Speciation has been one of the top-rated breweries in the world since jumping onto the scene this year; the Black Currant Incipient proves why. This Golden Sour’s brewed with pilsner malt, oats, and wheat with loads of black currant added to dominant the flavor.

• Odd Side Ales Double Oaked Hipster Brunch Stout:
A new twist on a local legend, Hipster Brunch. There are so few of these barrels in existence, very few will ever see it on tap…except for us, of course. We always get the best for you.

•2016 Arclight Brewing Company Soursmith Cherry:
Soursmith Kriek Cherry won the gold medal at the 2016 Festival of Barrel Aged Beers in the Wild/Sour Beer (Fruit) category.

• Witch's Hat Brewing Company Bourbon Barrel Cookies and Cream Night Fury:
While all of the beers on our W&W list are rare, this may be the rarest. It's seldom seen outside of their tap room.

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